Anxiety Treatment

Anxious, worried, worries, anxiety treatment, anxiety Are you worried or nervous? Would you like to be able to relax again?
Are you feeling tense or on edge?
Are you having trouble to control your worries?
Have you found that you’re feeling nervous without knowing why?
Are certain situations causing you to be anxious?
Are you unable to do certain things because of your anxiety?

If you answered some of these questions with yes, you might be suffering from anxiety. It’s possible you feel like it’s impossible to stop worrying. It could be that you notice tension in your body or even pain. Perhaps you are worried about what happens if you keep on feeling this nervous. It’s also possible that you’ve experienced trouble breathing or have felt your heart pounding. You might have trouble sleeping because of your worries. Maybe you’re avoiding certain situations in order not be nervous anymore. You might be afraid of what others think about you. Being anxious can be a real burden.

Anxiety is more common than you think

It is not uncommon to feel nervous or anxious. Anxiety is the mechanism of the body to protect us from harm and dangerous situations. Many people experience some degree of anxiety regularly. However, if we’re anxious for a long period of time, and we cannot control it, it can be stop us from living the life we want. When this happens Anxiety Treatment can help you.

You can feel calm and relaxed again

Anxiety Treatment can help you to reduce your Anxiety and to be able to manage it in different situations. The therapy I use, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is currently the most effective treatment for Anxiety ( In the sessions I will help you to deal with the psychical symptoms of Anxiety by teaching you relaxation techniques. Also, we will work on identifying the cause and triggers of your Anxiety, on reducing the time you spend worrying, and on changing negative thoughts into more positive and helpful ones. In therapy we will work together as a team and focus on reaching your goals in a warm ambience. I will adapt the sessions to your specific needs and make use of your strengths.

You might have some concerns about Anxiety Treatment… 

I don’t see how talking about my Anxiety will help me to feel better…

Anxiety Treatment is not just talk therapy. I will teach you useful and practical techniques that you can apply in your daily life. My ultimate goal is for you to be “your own therapist” and to be able to help yourself when Anxiety arises.

I’m afraid that the therapy will go too fast for me, what I’m not ready to take a certain step?

For me it’s very important to work together as a team. We will work on your problems with patience and at your rhythm. I will ask you for your feedback regularly in order to know how you’re feeling and if we’re still following your pace. If you’re not ready to take a certain step, we will work on other steps that you do feel prepared for.

Anxiety does not have to control your life

I can help you to feel better and to be able to relax again. If you would like more information about how I can help you, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact me through the contact page.

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