Expat Counseling

Expat Counseling, lonelinessAre you living outside of your home country? Would you like to enjoy your expat experience more?

Do you sometimes ask yourself if you’ve made the right choice?

Are you telling everyone you’re having a great time but are you really not that happy?

Do you feel lonely on a regular basis?

Is the to-do list of your immigration making you feel overwhelmed?

If you’ve answered some of these questions with yes, it can be that your expat experience hasn’t been easy for you. Perhaps you’re tired of the fact that everything is new. It could be that it wasn’t your decision to move. Maybe you’re fed up with all the paperwork you need to do. Or you simply do not know where to start. It can be that you’re having difficulties to establish close or intimate relationships in your new country. You might be feeling lonely without your family and friends to support you.

It can also be that the local culture is really different from yours. Maybe you’re not feeling confident while speaking the local language. It’s possible that you’re feeling sad or disappointed with your decision to move, or that you’re in doubt about whether your emigration was a good decision. Maybe you’re feeling homesick a lot. Emigration can be like as if the ground is swept away beneath your feet and you have to start all over.

Emigration is stressful for everyone

Living outside of your home country can be really tough. It’s actually in the list of most stressful life events. When you emigrate you face a lot of changes, sometimes more than you might even think about. A new house, a new job, a new culture, a new language, a new job, new people, a new climate. It can be a lot to adapt to, and it is to everyone who makes this big step. It is logical to have doubts about such a big decision.

It can be difficult when your family members and/or friends don’t agree with the fact that you moved. They might not be willing to hear that you’re not enjoying your stay and say things like “I told you so”, “why don’t you come back then?”, or even worse “it was your own choice”. Since they are the people you trust most, you can feel lonely and misunderstood. It can also be difficult to find a balance in having contact with the people on the home front and living your new life.

Your emigration experience can be better

Expat Counseling can help you to find your way in your new country. In the sessions I will help you to identify why you’re not feeling well right now. In therapy we will work together as a team and focus on reaching your goals in a warm ambience.  I can help you with:

  • Clarifying your doubts
  • Finding balance
  • Reducing your fears
  • Reducing the size of your to-do-list
  • Establishing new relationships
  • Improving the contact with the home front
  • Gaining a better understanding of the local culture
  • Making your new country feel more like a home

In the sessions I use the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach. It is a goal-directed therapy that’s focused on the here-and-now. I will adapt the sessions to your specific needs and make use of your strengths. Since I’m an expat myself I have been able to help my clients with a better understanding of what they’re going through.

You might have some questions or concerns regarding Expat Counseling

 I’m not an expat but I am living outside of my home country, is Expat Counseling for me?

Yes Expat Counseling can be for you if you feel like your emigration is part of the problem you’re experiencing. Even if you’ve been living in your new country for a while, Expat Counseling can help you to feel more confident and integrated.

I would like to talk about my doubts but I’m not ready to take a decision yet…

That’s no problem. Actually, it can be good not to take a decision yet, when you’re not feeling your best. When we’re feeling down or anxious, our judgment can be clouded. In the sessions I will help you to clarify your doubts and find solutions. This can give you a different view on the situation, which can help you  to take a better decision later on. Also, for me it’s very important to work together as a team. We will work on your issues at your rhythm and with patience.

You deserve to have a better expat experience!

I can help you to feel better and clarify your doubts. If you would like more information about how I can help you, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact me through the contact page or call me on +34 626 653 339.