Sex Therapy (Individual or Couples)

Sex Therapy, sexual disorder, sex problems, low desire.

Is your sex life not the way you want it to be and would you like to improve it?

Are you experiencing a low desire for sex?

Do you have difficulties getting aroused and/or experiencing orgasm?

Is sex painful or unpleasurable for you?

Is it difficult for you to communicate your needs to your partner?

If you’ve answered any of these questions with yes then Sex Therapy might be for you.

Suffering from sexual problems might make you feel ashamed. You might think you’re the only one with these difficulties. Perhaps you’re afraid that your partner will leave you if this goes on for much longer. Or maybe your partner has already told you that he/she is unsatisfied with the frequency you’re having sex.This can make you feel unattractive or unloved.

It could be you’re having difficulties to explain your partner that you would like him/her to change the way he/she acts during sex. Or that actually you would like to have more intimacy outside of the bedroom. It is possible that when you’re having sex the only thing you’re thinking about is what you’ll be doing afterwards. Maybe you’re not even sure anymore if sex can be enjoyable.

Experiencing sexual problems is normal

In our current society it is common for people to talk about sex, but not about the failures or problems that they might experience. This can create the image that everyone is happy with their sex life except for you. This is not true, about 10-15% of the general population suffers from a sex-related issue. Unfortunately, having sexual problems is still a taboo. Many people would be relieved to hear that they are not the only one who experiences difficulties.

Sexual problems can arise when we’re not feeling well, for example when we’re feeling down or anxious. When you’re feeling anxious or down, sex can feel like too much or you just might not feel sexual desire. It’s also possible that sexual problems appear when you’re not feeling comfortable in your relationship. When intimacy or proper communication is missing in your relationship, your sex life can become a second priority.

Also, it could be that you have negative thoughts or myths regarding sex that influence your sexual experience negatively. Whatever the cause of your sexual difficulties might be, your sex life can improve.

Sexual problems don’t have to stand in the way of your happiness

Sex Therapy can help you to enjoy your sex life more. I can help you to gain insight in the cause of your sexual problems, in order to start working on resolving them. In the sessions we will work on your specific issue in a warm and taboo-free environment. I can help you to:

  • Improve your desire, and experience more pleasure during sex
  • Learn how to have your first orgasm, or how to have an orgasm with your partner
  • Gain communication skills in order to talk with your partner about sex and intimacy
  • Talk about sex with less feelings of shame and taboos
  • Experience more intimacy, and connection with your partner
  • Knowledge about anatomy
  • Become more comfortable with your body and your sexuality

I will adapt the session to your specific needs. Depending on your goals, I can provide you with sexual education, assign you specific activities, or work on challenging interfering thoughts or memories. I find Sex Therapy one of the most beautiful parts of my work because of the fact that I can help people to improve such an important part of their life. Many clients who come to my practice have suffered from sexual problems for a very long time. They were relieved to see that there is a solution and that therapy can be short-term process (2-6 months average).

You might have some questions or concerns regarding Sex Therapy…

I prefer to come alone/my partner doesn’t want to come. Can I still start Sex Therapy?

Yes, I offer Sex Therapy for couples and individuals. Depending on your specific issue it’s not always necessary to do couple therapy. We can assess this in our first session. It could however always be useful to include your partner in the treatment, as a source of support. If your partner doesn’t want to come, or you’re the only one who feels ready, you can still gain benefits by working on the problem from your side.

Is there any touch involved?

No. There’s no physical touch, no nudity, and no sexual contact. We talk about your issues and keep things professional.

I don’t have a sexual problem but I would like to improve my sex life, can Sex Therapy be the right choice for me?

Yes! Sex Therapy can be useful to you if you want to explore your sexuality, ask questions about sex in a non-judgmental environment, or if you simply want to improve specific parts of your sex life.

Sex can be enjoyable again

If you would like more information about how I can help you, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact me through the contact page or call me on +34 626 653 339.