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Mindfulness Course

Are you interested in Mindfulness?

Would you like to reduce your stress levels and feel more calm and balanced?

We’re going to start a Mindfulness group in March. It will be a course of 8 weekly sessions in which we’ll cover: introduction in Mindfulness, consciousness of the body, how to control your thoughts with Mindfulness, how to cultivate self-compassion and much more…

What is Mindfulness?


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Mindfulness means “awareness of the present moment”. Mindfulness is a meditation technique that was first practiced by Buddhist monks, thousands of years ago. In the late 70s, Mindfulness was introduced to our western culture by (among others) Jon Kabat-Zinn, and has since then consistently been integrated into psychotherapy. Currently, it is an established technique in psychotherapy to improve our quality of life, and to treat problems like depression and anxiety.

Mindfulness invites us to “wake up”, by becoming more aware of the experiences in our life, to pause, and to rediscover what we already know. You’ll learn to live more the “in the present”, and enjoy the little and big moments in life.

While practicing Mindfulness you will learn to observe the thoughts that appear in your consciousness, to allow their presence, to not be judgmental towards them, to accept them and to let go of them.

Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, and to improve personal health and well-being.

What does the course consist of?

The course consists of 8 weekly sessions of 90 minutes. In the sessions you’ll learn Mindfulness through meditation and practical exercises that you can incorporate in your daily life. Also, in every session we’ll focus on how to apply Mindfulness to specific areas in your life. Click to go to the overview of the course.

For who is the course and what benefits will I obtain?

The course is open for everybody who’s interested in Mindfulness. It can also be a great relief if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or easily frustrated or if you cannot let go of negative thoughts.

The course will improve your quality of life and reduce your stress levels. You’ll learn to increase your attention span in order to be more aware of the present moment.

As a result of the Mindfulness course you will feel more balanced, calm, and creative. You will notice that you’ll be less easily frustrated, and able to find tranquility, even when you’re in stressful situations.

When will the group start?

There will be two groups, one in English, starting on the 9th of March, and one in Spanish, starting on the 11h of March.

How much does it cost?

Prices will be €25 per session for the entire course. You can also assist to single sessions with a cost of €40 per session. However, it is recommended to follow the entire course, since otherwise you’ll miss out on the practices between sessions.

How do I subscribe?

Fill out the below form completely. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

Overview of the course

  • Session 1: Introduction in Mindfulness
  • Session 2: Consciousness of the body
  • Session 3: How to manage our thoughts
  • Session 4: How to manage our emotions
  • Session 5: How to be more self-compassionate with Mindfulness
  • Session 6: Using Mindfulness to improve our relationships
  • Session 7: Mindfulness and our purpose in life
  • Session 8: Maintaining and extending our learning

Dates and time

English Group Spanish Group
9th March: 19:00-20.30 11th March: 19:00-20.30
16th March: 19:00-20.30 18th March: 19:00-20.30
23rd March: 19:00-20.30 25th March: 19:00-20.30
30th March: 19:00-20.30 1st April: 19:00-20.30
6th April:19:00-20.30 8th April: 19:00-20.30
13th April:19:00-20.30 15th April: 19:00-20.30
20th April:19:00-20.30 22nd April: 19:00-20.30
27th April:19:00-20.30 29th April: 19:00-20.30


  • Address: Carrer Barcelona 110-112, 2, 2. (08901) L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.
  • Metro: L1- Avinguda Carrilet
  • Renfe: Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • FGC: Avinguda Carrilet
  • Bus: L10, L12, L52, L82, LH2 -Tecla Sala
  • Parking: parking is free in the neighborhood after 15:00pm.

Bio of the group leaders

Lisette Zeeuw

Lisette Zeeuw M.Sc. is a Cognitive Behavioral therapist with a private practice in Barcelona. She became interested in Mindfulness 8 years ago, when she did a workshop during her Master at the University of Amsterdam. Ever since that moment she has been an active practitioner of Mindfulness. Lisette has been trained in Mindfulness at the University of Amsterdam and at the University of Barcelona. She helps clients who suffer from stress and anxiety with Mindfulness, in her private practice.

Anna Vives Navarro

Anna Vives Navarro is a therapist with a private practice in Barcelona. She is specialized in psychotherapy for adults and couples. During her psychology degree at the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, she studied the benefits of Mindfulness in people who suffer from depression. Interested in Mindfulness, she followed a course at the “Institut Mensalus” of Barcelona. Now, she is both an active practitioner and organizes Mindfulness courses.